If you want to learn about the chronology of my professional career, see "Bio"
Here are a list of some of the various projects I have worked on in different capacities over the last 15 years in the capacities of an designer, engineer, teacher, consultant, manager, researcher, advisor, and salesman. While working on most was an intentional choice, I pursued many of the smaller projects while seeking degree completion or financial stability. If you want to understand what I know, go through these:
Current work
Most of the interesting work I have done in my professional life comes from this single effort.
I also Gordon Ramsey startups from time-to-time, helping them understand how to improve messaging, margins, and sales & marketing. I haven't kept a track of all the companies over the years.
I worked on many more small projects over the years which I have either lost a track of, or weren't substantial enough to find place here.