Prooty Mobile

While I was doing a business building course in the MBA side of the university in 2011, an entrepreneur wanted to some help to get his business off the ground, by making something interesting on the technology side that was novel. Seong was very interested in helping independent sellers get a good web presence, but particularly on mobile devices. His wife was trying to start an online clothing store and had difficulty finding a product that did this well. He had seen that e-commerce would eventually move to phones, and while there were many tools for sellers / makers to market their products on the large screen web, the mobile experiences were really poor.

We discussed how there were no WYSIWYG website creators for mobile screen experience, leave alone focused on e-commerce. So I built a prototype for a WYSIWYG site builder, hooked it up with Magento, and mentored another developer for e-commerce side of things.

Selected slides from pitch deck (others hidden for confidentiality)