The Link

One of the courses I took in design school during my masters involved using design thinking and problem-solving to try and address local social problems. We were expected to immerse ourselves with local organizations in our research process, rather than theorizing in front of a whiteboard.

Working with 2 thoughtful and meticulous designers, Eunice and Miroslav, we came up with a novel solution to the ever-complex challenge of exposing students to real-world problems. We identified that bringing the real-world inside the classroom was inherently difficult, and best thing we could do was to take the classroom to the real-world. The real friction in doing something like this was the logistics in arranging opportunities to be in places where they could explore the best of the real-world and be challenged with authentic local problems that would engage them for the rest of their lives.

We envisioned and proposed an online system which would make it very easy for teachers to book trips and experiences with community organizations, with costs, logistics, and waivers all taken care of behind the scenes.

The stop-motion video we came up with for final submission