Noora Health video project

An organization I admire in the healthcare world is an American non-profit in India known as Noora Health. Having met 2 of the founders, Edith and Katy, during the first nonprofit class in Y Combinator, I immediately became interested in their work. They train caregivers of patients prior to getting discharged, to reduce the likelihood of them ending back at the hospital. If I reflect on why I like on what pulls me towards their work, it probably comes to the fact they are involved in using an information lens on a complex social problem that requires thoughtful application of science. Training and teaching is inherent to their model.

When I was visiting India briefly in 2016, I couldn't pass the opportunity to spend 2 days with their team. In return for being in their faces for that period, I offered to document their work in video for marketing and storytelling. I did extensive in-depth interviews with all employees.