Know About Me

I am sure if you were are more than 30 years old, you remember several years of your life when "Web 2.0" and the social web were the most exciting things in the world of technology.

Towards the late part of that boom was when I started college. I enrolled in a class on Web 2.0, and for the final project in the class, I came up with an app called "Know About Me". It was basic.

These were the days people's social media accounts were exploding. And there wasn't as much consolidation as there is now (or one might argue that since 2018, the social media landscape has gone back to being diverse). My goal was for people to create a personal profile page which would be their landing site, which had the links to all their social media accounts linked. And this page would summarize new posts from across these media, so it served as the starting point for people getting to know someone.

Link to poster