Doha Virtual Stock Exchange

In the first year of my undergraduate program, a Qatari senior who ran the business club in the university pitched the idea for an app which seemed interesting. He offered to pay me (he never eventually did) to make a virtual simulated stock exchange based on the Qatar stock market that would comply with Islamic finance laws and be used to teach students investing in local stocks. I watched and analyzed my father's stock portfolio as a 10-year-old, so I thought it was a fun project to do over a winter break.

So I built exactly what. You logged in and bought mock listings using the fake riyals you were given upon creation of the account. There weren't many more fancy visualization features that you expect from modern stock portfolio. You just had a portfolio, you could see your trades, place orders after close of market, and it updated multiple times everyday based on the actual live stock prices scrapped from a government website.