Education City Quiz Challenge

Growing up, I really enjoyed watching and sometimes participating in the spectacle of live quiz/trivia shows. Derek O'Brien was a quizmaster who used to come to Oman every year and put on these events that got almost every brown kid and family excited. The shows used to fill auditoriums, because quizzing was very much a sport there.

In Qatar, as an undergraduate student interested in social event planning, when I realized that there was no real quizzing event on campus that got hundreds of kids and faculty engaged, I become interested in making one happen. I setup a student club for throwing events, got it funded, and for two years in a row, organized the trivia/quiz competitions/shows. Trivia competitions are A LOT of work, because they don't just involve all the work for a show, there is a lot of work that goes into inviting teams to participate and build a culture of rivalry, and building a question base that are both fun and tricky to answer.

One of the event posters