Voter query dashboard

In 2020, my friend Jenessa Peterson introduced us to a print publishing and mailing company in Nevada, whose clients included political candidates in the state who wanted to reach more voters with their messages, through mail. While the mailing company had access to a large database of voters, it was extremely difficult for them to help their clients figure out how to target these voters based on their demographic data and voting preferences.

For a programmer or data scientists, this can easily be done with a series of thoughtful SQL queries. But even though the owner of the mailing company was tech savvy, this was not easy to do for him, especially since these were way too many records for a tool like Excel.

So Jenessa and me built a React app (we called it "Voter Query") on top of Google BigQuery that made it mindless to do segmentation on voter databases, based on certain parameters picked through an easy visual interface.