Tukio mobile

In 2011, I attended a Yahoo University Hackathon with a friend. With social media shortcomings on our mind, we decided to focus on the social media experience during an event.

These were the days when Facebook Photos was becoming a very popular product. There was no Instagram. People were coming back from social events, and posting their pictures on their profiles (no timelines back then), and then tagging all their friends in their pictures. It felt delayed. Another problem was that many people attending the same events had pictures on their own profiles, so there was no way to collect or see all the pictures different people took from different viewpoints. There were either no hashtags or hashtags weren't used for events they sometimes are today.

So we built an app on top of Flickr that would create an event page that aggregated all the pictures from users attending that event. You posted to an event, and in return, people noticed and discovered you.

I guess I really didn't mind working on first-world problems back then, as long as I learned something out of it.

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